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Escrito Está Celebrates 30th Anniversary

On May 1, It Is Written staff celebrated the occasion. Here, Pastor Robert Costa and Carolina Bonilla, Escrito Está coordinator, express their gratitude to God and the staff for their support.

Escrito Está, the Spanish-language ministry of It Is Written, marks 30 years of ministry this year. Created to reach the Spanish-speaking world, Escrito Está filmed its first program on April 5, 1994, with Dr. Milton Peverini as host. Peverini, who for many years had been a leader in media evangelism, worked with It Is Written to produce Spanish programs and songs, which began airing on cable channels in 1995 in the United States. In the fall of 1996, Escrito Está debuted nationwide in Chile to a phenomenal response, and other countries quickly followed as the quality and message of this Spanish-language programming touched thousands of lives. Today, Escrito Está ministers around the world through not only television and the internet but also evangelism and humanitarian work.

Pastor Robert Costa prepares to cut the anniversary cake.

Robert Costa joined the fast-growing ministry in 2002 to coordinate evangelism campaigns, taking over from Peverini as speaker/director in 2006. “The 30th anniversary is a special occasion when we remember that God has led us so far,” Pastor Costa said. “Thirty years is a real miracle, but the greatest of miracles are those hearts that are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. For 30 years, God has used Escrito Está to be part of His mission around the world.”

Escrito Está is currently the most widely aired Spanish-language television program of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The ministry’s original focus was reaching the Latino population in North America, but that focus quickly expanded to the rest of the world. Today, Escrito Está has a prominent presence on national television stations in several Latin American countries. A major television network in a populous South American country airs no religious programming, except for Escrito Está. When Escrito Está was aired in one Central American country, the owner of the channel was so impressed with the programming that he expanded our broadcast to be nationwide and increased it from once a week to twice a week—at no extra charge. The resulting increase in Bible study interests meant the church had to employ additional staff to process the requests!

“Media has no limits, and the gospel has no barriers,” Pastor Costa said. “So far, we have viewers from 142 countries. As the Bible says, this gospel will be preached to all nations, all languages, all people. I’m so glad that Escrito Está and It Is Written are part of the fulfillment of this prophecy.”

In addition to its flagship program, Escrito Está produces two other ongoing programs and conducts about 15 evangelism campaigns worldwide every year, resulting in thousands of baptisms annually. Additionally, Pastor Costa participates in camp meetings, rallies, and evangelism training for pastors and lay members. Meetings are held in venues of all sizes, from small churches to stadiums, where the messages are live-streamed across the country. In some countries, Pastor Costa joins a caravan, where he preaches every night in a different city.

Over the years, God has reached people at every level of society through the ministry of Escrito Está: government leaders, pastors from other denominations, television personalities, people living in the Amazon jungle, and even those in hard-to-reach places like China and Muslim countries. An Orthodox priest has been listening to Escrito Está for nine years and is now in the process of being baptized! Pastor Costa and his team are faithful to present the truth, and the Holy Spirit moves hearts in response. 

Pastor Costa believes that it is the clear presentation of the full message of the Bible that appeals to so many people. “We are committed to presenting the whole message—not just motivational talks, but the whole prophetic, doctrinal, Christ-centered message,” he said. “We learned that when we are committed to doing that, God is more interested than anyone else that everyone will be saved, and He will open doors.”

The global ministry of Escrito Está is made possible by a dedicated team. “I have never served alongside a harder-working group of people as our Escrito Está team,” said John Bradshaw, It Is Written president. “Their whole-hearted commitment to giving people the opportunity to be ready for the return of Jesus inspires and encourages me.”

Throughout the years, Escrito Está has also participated in humanitarian projects to facilitate evangelism in remote locations. In 2008, a boat was donated to evangelize the Uros people living on the floating islands in Lake Titicaca in Peru. Bicycles and motorcycles were also given to pastors in Peru needing transportation to reach their church members and Bible study contacts. In 2021, water filters were presented to families in Guatemala, and solar-powered radios were donated to the Kekchi community, enabling them to listen to Christian programming in their native language.  

Escrito Está is an integral part of the ministry of It Is Written. “I honestly find it difficult to express the depth of my appreciation for Escrito Está,” said Pastor Bradshaw. “Our Spanish-language programs have a vast global audience. Escrito Está evangelism has brought thousands upon thousands of people to faith in Jesus and into the church. People from all walks of life have been won as the Holy Spirit has worked through Robert’s ministry with Escrito Está. His relentless commitment to sharing Christ with others continues to make a major impact. I thank God for what He has done—and continues to do—through Escrito Está.”

Every year, Escrito Está produces 72 half-hour programs (Escrito Está and Lecciones de Vida) and 365 daily devotionals (Toda Palabra). These programs are seen worldwide on television, YouTube, and other social media channels. As a result, an average of 1,100 new subscribers join the Escrito Está YouTube channel every month.

During his time with Escrito Está, Pastor Costa has participated in 510 evangelistic series throughout North America, Latin America, and Europe. In addition to filming television programs this year, Pastor Costa will conduct evangelism in Colombia, Spain, Bolivia, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and Argentina. In the United States, his agenda includes Maryland, Indiana, New Mexico, New York, California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. 

“As we look forward to Jesus’s soon return,” Pastor Costa said, “It’s great to be part of the final movement to tell the whole story to the whole world.”

Thank you for praying for the ministry of Escrito Está. To watch programs or learn more about Escrito Está, visit

In Cali, Colombia, Pastor Robert Costa connects with a woman who came forward for the appeal.

It Is Written Mourns Beloved Staff Member

With deep regret, It Is Written announces that Jocelyn Anderson, associate director of development, has passed away. Jocelyn died unexpectedly on Monday, April 8, 2024.

Jocelyn joined It Is Written in 2014 and was a beloved member of the It Is Written team. During her tenure at the ministry, she was extensively involved in the planning and leading of important initiatives such as Partnership, monthly letters to It Is Written supporters, and overall donor relations. Her dedication to the ministry is unparalleled. She will be greatly missed.

“This is a difficult time for our ministry team,” said Pastor John Bradshaw, It Is Written president. “Jocelyn was greatly loved. She was a wonderful person and an absolute joy to be around. She genuinely loved people, which is what made her perfect for her role at It Is Written. While struggling to come to terms with what has happened, we have been remembering who Jocelyn was: fun, gracious, generous, and committed to her faith in God. We miss her immensely, but we look forward to seeing her again soon. As Revelation 22:20 says, ‘Even so, come, Lord Jesus.’”

Prayers are requested for the It Is Written team and Jocelyn’s family as they mourn their loss. A memorial service will be held at 5:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday, April 13, at the Collegedale Community Church in Collegedale, Tennessee.

It Is Written Announces New VBS Program Flight 3:16

It Is Written announces a new travel-themed Vacation Bible School (VBS) program, Flight 3:16. During Flight 3:16, children will visit five countries as they prepare for the ultimate destination, Heaven. Flight 3:16 is a complete VBS kit that includes supplies for 14 children. Visit for more information. 

Melissa Bradshaw, children’s ministries director for It Is Written, created Flight 3:16 in response to the need for a specific VBS program. “Many people have used Buried Treasure, our child evangelism program, as a VBS,” she said. “But after being approached by a local church wanting to host their first VBS, I knew it was time to develop an idea I had been thinking of for some time.”

Flight 3:16 guides children through five foundational Bible topics outlined in the My Place With Jesus Bible Guides. Each day of Flight 3:16, children will learn a new memory verse, made easy through fun Scripture songs. Games, crafts, and snacks are designed to continue teaching daily Bible lessons. Not only will children learn about God’s ultimate plan through His Word, but they’ll also learn about the world they live in as they travel virtually to five different countries on five separate continents.

“Everyone is painfully aware of the challenges children face today,” said John Bradshaw, It Is Written president. “They’re being bombarded with harmful content everywhere they turn. It’s important to give children a clear picture of Jesus and help them see that God’s way isn’t only a good way—and the right way—but it’s also the way that will bring them more joy and help them get the most out of life.”

Stored in a fun and convenient suitcase box, this VBS kit includes all instructions and supplies needed to host 14 children: 4 children, ages 4-6, and 10 children, ages 7-12. Additional supplies are available for purchase from

“Each time we have held Flight 3:16, children and families absolutely love it,” said Melissa. “My hope is to see children everywhere grow their relationship with Jesus through Flight 3:16.”

Flight 3:16 is created by My Place With Jesus, an It Is Written ministry. Learn more about Flight 3:16 by visiting or calling 888-664-5573.

It Is Written Wins 11 Telly Awards

It is with gratitude that It Is Written announces it has won 11 Telly awards this year for various programs. Two gold awards were presented to Escrito Está, our Spanish-language ministry, in recognition of its exceptional contributions to spiritual broadcasting and editing. It Is Written programs “The Hero” and “Great Characters of the Bible: Solomon” were both honored with silver and bronze awards in the Television Craft category, among others.

In addition, silver and bronze awards were given to “Dancing with the Devil,” a recent It Is Written program that examines the deceptions of Satan and features a captivating interview with a woman who spent years immersed in the occult. Richard Ramont, It Is Written media production director, said, “We were particularly excited that what our team produced for [this] episode, ‘Dancing With the Devil,’ was recognized in competition with top studios in the U.S. and international spheres.”

Although the accolades are appreciated, It Is Written remains focused on sharing Jesus. “As a ministry, we don’t set out to win awards,” said John Bradshaw, It Is Written president. “But we do our best to make high-quality Bible teaching programs. We’re thankful our programs are seen around the world, and that people come to a saving relationship with Jesus through the work we do. From one end of the ministry to another, we have a group of dedicated people who are giving their all to communicate the everlasting gospel. Receiving these awards shows our ministry team is striving to give people the best opportunity to know and understand the message of the Bible.”

The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens and saw a record-breaking year, receiving nearly 13,000 entries from top video and television content producers across the globe. It Is Written has won 58 Telly Awards since 2011, when John Bradshaw became president.

Here is a breakdown of awards received for each video. See the award categories below and a link to each program. 

“Escrito Está”

Gold—Social Video Craft, Editing 

Gold—Non-Broadcast General, Religion/Spirituality 

Watch: Escrito Está Partnership Report video


“Great Characters of the Bible: Solomon”

Silver—Television Craft, Motion Graphics/Design

Bronze—Television Craft, Visual Effects 


“Dancing With the Devil”

Silver—Television Craft, Videography/Cinematography

Bronze—Television Craft, Editing


“The Hero”

Silver—Television Craft, Writing

Bronze—Television Craft, Videography/Cinematography


“Do You Believe in Miracles?” 

Silver—Television General, Religious/Spiritual


“Running the Race” 

Silver—Television Craft, Writing


“Not Guilty” 

Bronze—Television Craft, Videography/Cinematography

Corn Island Commission

Sharing the gospel in Nicaragua

Corn Island, Nicaragua, is home to about 7,500 people. The people of Corn Island, largely isolated, are kind and welcoming. And they need to hear the gospel message. So it was that 26 people, including 15 young people mostly from Highland Academy in Tennessee, found themselves on this small island in the Caribbean. 

The It Is Written mission team spent almost two weeks in early February ministering to these wonderful people. The team, led by It Is Written missions coordinator Jack Phillips and Jon D’Avanzo of Nica Ministries, used a multi-faceted approach. There were evangelistic meetings held each evening in three locations; a medical clinic that treated more than 200 people; a school building project; radio broadcasting; and distribution of humanitarian aid.

Morning worship on the veranda

Upon arrival, the team quickly settled into tropical life. Mornings started with a wonderful breakfast of rice, beans, papaya, and other island fare made by the excellent hotel staff. Meals were eaten on the open-air veranda overlooking the boat harbor. The veranda proved to be the perfect place to worship together and exchange experiences of the day.

After breakfast, it was off to various ministry endeavors. The building project, medical clinic, radio broadcasts, and humanitarian projects were on the daily schedule with the bulk of the team working on building a 200-student school to serve the island. Every brick laid brought the opening of the school one step closer to reality. Hundreds of young people will learn about Jesus there, providing a ripple effect into the community.

Due to the heat and humidity, the team ceased work by lunch. Afternoons provided a chance to experience the culture of the island, whether a bus tour, going to the beach, or an off-shore excursion. Besides providing great memories, these outings afforded the opportunity to get better acquainted with the locals.

After dinner, it was time for the meetings. They were held in three different outdoor locations on the island, with an estimated 250 people in attendance. Bible workers, sponsored by It Is Written, had worked in the community weeks before the meetings, so there were already some people on the path to giving their hearts to Jesus. Over 20 people have been baptized as a result of the meetings. In fact, the local churches were so excited about doing evangelism that they have since done another series and will be doing another one this July!

Jack Phillips, second from right, walks out of the ocean with some newly baptized members.

The largest church on Corn Island is located on the beach, so on Sabbath as soon as the service was over, everyone walked out the front door and onto the beach to witness 10 baptisms right in the ocean! Jack Phillips, who co-officiated, remarks, “The baptisms in the ocean will forever be a highlight for me.”

Things don’t always go smoothly on mission trips, as Satan is always on the attack. Upon arrival, all of our projectors were confiscated by customs. But, praise God, we were able to get two of them back! Our permission to hold a medical clinic was revoked upon arrival. But, praise God, the mayor of the island worked to get it reinstated! It rained frequently and often during our meetings. But, praise God, the people wouldn’t leave. In fact, even more came! Dr. Gordon Guild, who ran the medical clinic, says, “God wins, the devil loses!”

God worked on this trip in ways that we didn’t plan. Will Labrenz, the chaplain of Highland Academy, recounts an interesting story: “During our morning worship time on the veranda, often 

Dr. Gordon Guild examines a patient as students look on.

other customers were nearby witnessing our worship and praise songs. One morning, a couple from Germany, being professed Buddhists, stopped me to ask if being a Christian made a positive difference in my life. I shared that Jesus gives my life peace and purpose and explained that is why our mission team was here. Upon further discussion, I offered them a Steps to Christ if they would be willing to read it. They accepted!”

Locals weren’t the only ones who were affected by the mission trip. “This trip was such a life changing experience,” says Adriel Garcia, a student at Highland Academy. “The people’s love for God and their kindness to us inspires me to be more like that. I pray every day for the people of Corn Island and their relationship with Jesus. I hope to see them again soon.”

The mission team

Spiritual Life & Death

Can the dead be in two places?

As a child raised in the Catholic church, I served for many years as an altar boy, an assistant to the priest during the mass. As an altar boy, I attended many funerals, and it was those funerals that started me in an entirely new direction in life.

During funeral services held in our local church, the priest would invariably say something such as, “We can rejoice today because our beloved friend is now in the presence of God in heaven.” Such words are calculated to encourage, and they often do. But those same words also create a lot of confusion.

A little later as the body of the deceased was slowly lowered into a grave at the local cemetery, the same priest would say something very much like, “And now we commit our loved one to the grave, where he/she will rest peacefully until the day our Lord returns, and the dead in Christ shall rise.”

I may only have been a young child, but I was old enough to smell a rat. Minutes before, the deceased was in the presence of God in heaven. But now, that same individual was resting in a grave awaiting the resurrection. How could the same dead person be in two places at once?

The answer is, of course, that such a thing is not possible. While only a child who had read little of the Bible, I wasn’t exactly sure of the answer to my question. But I knew one thing for sure. The dead couldn’t possibly die and go directly to heaven. What, exactly, would go to heaven? And if my suspicions were accurate, praying to dead saints was therefore unreasonable, as the saints themselves were dead and not able to hear or answer the prayers of a single soul.

When I finally learned that the dead sleep until the return of Jesus, it was less of an “Aha!” moment, and more of a “Well, of course” moment. Some things are obvious. Sleep in death was one of them. And if death was a sleep, purgatory couldn’t possibly exist, no one could possibly be in hell at the present time, and the church I had been part of my entire life had sold me a bill of goods.

But faith in God is not simply a matter of being right. Numerous people have been right—or close to right—theologically and have been on the wrong side of the leading of the Holy Spirit. It’s important to know that the dead sleep. When you do, myriad errors and lies are avoided: the dead do not visit the living; Halloween is a ghastly celebration of spiritualism; houses are not “haunted” by departed spirits; seances are invitations for demons to trouble and misdirect lives; the Virgin Mary has not appeared to anyone, ever, anywhere…and so on. 

But there’s a greater truth than any I’ve yet mentioned.

When Jesus visited the home of Mary and Martha following the death of their brother, Lazarus, Martha gave evidence of several things that she, to her credit, knew. She knew that Jesus had the power to save Lazarus from death. She knew there would be a resurrection, believing Lazarus would “rise again in the resurrection at the last day” (John 11:24). But there was something she, or maybe others nearby, needed to know.

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live’” (John 11:25). This is the greatest truth in the constellation of truths clustered around the subject of death and the resurrection. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. Possessing Jesus is the difference between eternal life and eternal death. As John wrote, “He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life” (1 John 5:12). 

Faith in Jesus is simply that. Faith in Jesus. The key factor in the plan of salvation is not the possession of an idea, but the possession of a Person, that Person being Jesus. The weakest saint may, by faith, have Jesus, and the Savior that called Lazarus from his dusty bed is able to bring spiritual life out of spiritual death.

We possess the truth about Jesus, and we should. But possessing Jesus Himself is the real difference. He is the resurrection and the life. The dead will be resurrected because they lived in faith in Him. The living have the assurance of everlasting life for the same reason.

Let Jesus be the resurrection and the life for you.

It Is Written Announces Grounded, A New Revival Series Airing in October

From October 19 to 22, It Is Written will present Grounded. Grounded is a revival series focused on leading viewers into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. Presented by John Bradshaw, Grounded will broadcast live from Knoxville, Tennessee. Grounded will air on It Is Written TV, 3ABN, Facebook, and YouTube. Churches and small groups are encouraged to sign up to stream the series. Register and find free promotional materials at

Each session will consist of a one-hour topic presentation, followed by a half-hour Bible study. Churches and small groups can watch the broadcasted Bible study or purchase the It Is Written Bible Study Guides and conduct their own Bible study in-person.

“Grounded is an excellent opportunity to grow your faith in God, and to invite others to do the same,” says Bradshaw, It Is Written president. “Grounded is specially designed for both people of faith and people who are only beginning their journey with Jesus. Grounded will give us an opportunity to strengthen our walk with Christ, settle deeply into the teachings of the Bible, receive more of the Holy Spirit, and prepare for the momentous times just before us.”

Grounded will air at 7:00 p.m. EDT October 19-22, with a replay each night at 10:00 p.m. EDT on It Is Written TV. A Saturday presentation will also be broadcast at 11:00 a.m. EDT. Viewers may watch live on 3ABN, the It Is Written Facebook and YouTube pages, or It Is Written TV. It Is Written TV is available at, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Google Play. Archives will be available on demand on Facebook and YouTube after the livestream.

For more information, visit or call 844-974-8836 (844-WRITTEN).

Gideon in the Dominican

This is the word of the Lord… “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord of hosts. —Zechariah 4:6

God is never limited by the number of people or resources available to accomplish His purpose. Over and over in Scripture, God does mighty things through little. He brings beauty out of ashes and glorifies Himself through the weak things of this world. He did this again during the It Is Written mission trip to the Dominican Republic in May. 

A woman reads the Christian literature she just received while waiting to be seen at the clinic.

It Is Written partnered with the Southeast Dominican Conference in an initiative to reach a previously unentered territory by the church. A church plant is developing, and the church building is almost finished. Our mission team partnered with church members to conduct a medical clinic for the neighborhood right in the unfinished church building. Hundreds waited patiently for the free healthcare offered, which included dentistry, general medical care, cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, and more. Patients also received gifted items of soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, socks, vitamins, and much-needed medication. Every person received Bible-based literature, and many began asking questions immediately as they waited.

More than 600 community guests came through the clinic over several days, with more than 450 people saying yes to the invitation for Bible studies. The church is currently following up on those interests. Many people who came through the clinic will eventually become members of that new church family and worship in the building where they were first introduced to Jesus! 

A boy is examined by the team dentist.

The finished church building

The mission team also funded and painted the newly constructed church inside and out, which significantly shortened the move-in date. The conference graciously dedicated the new building to It Is Written for substantially advancing this mission goal. A special thank-you to you, our Partners. Without your prayers and support, this trip would not have been possible. God receives the glory; we receive the joy!

In addition to medical clinics and church renovation, our team also conducted four evangelistic meetings and children’s programs. Several hundred attended the meetings, and more than 40 made decisions to follow Jesus in baptism! Hundreds of children participated in the nightly VBS meetings, and many learned about Jesus for the first time.

One young man made his decision after wrestling for several years. His hesitation was due to the impression that God was also calling him into full-time ministry. “I did not want to be baptized because I did not want to be a pastor,” he said. “Yet, God softened my heart through these meetings, and I surrendered to the call to be saved and serve others.” What a joyous moment! Another lady had been considering baptism for more than 10 years. God moved her heart through the preaching. She said, “Jesus is coming soon! I can’t afford to put Him off any longer. Christ is calling me now, and I am answering.” These are just a few of the 40+ testimonies of God’s greatness.

Pastor Wes Peppers, center, shares his testimony.

The conference also owns a radio station that reaches the entire country of 11 million people. It is the third most listened-to station of any genre, and several influential business owners and high-ranking government officials listen to the programs daily. I shared my personal testimony, “The Atheist Who Found God,” live on their afternoon program, and we received several callers in response.

Marion Peppers and community members pose for a picture as they pick up medication.

Indeed, it was like Gideon’s army again! The Lord did mighty things through just a small handful. This trip was a prelude to a more significant effort in August 2023. The conference will celebrate its 25th anniversary with 25 evangelistic series. It Is Written will conduct another mission trip with clinics, VBS, and possibly construction. Pastor John Bradshaw will join, and his live evangelistic presentations will be broadcast on the radio station, reaching every home in the Dominican Republic!

We are also recruiting speakers for all 25 meetings. Perhaps God is calling you to be a part of this trip, a different one, or sponsor someone you know to go. We invite you to join us for a life-transforming experience! God is calling; are you ready? 

Visit for more information or to sign up.

Pastor Wes Peppers and his meeting attendees.

Spanish Book Drive

We are collecting Spanish children’s books for our mission trip to Puerto Rico. The school library in Vieques was destroyed in 2017 by Hurricane Maria, and we would love to give them as many books as we can! 

Books must be:

📕 in Spanish
📘 spiritual or educational
📗 for children in grades K-6
📙 in good condition

Send your books by July 7 to:

It Is Written
Attention: Eric Flickinger
9340 Four Corners Place
Ooltewah, TN 37363

Thank you!

May Spotlight: Mental Health & Asian Pacific American Month Programs

The month of May marks two special occasions: Mental Health Awareness Month and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. In honor of these events, we have put together a list of our programs that pertain to these important topics.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health issues have significantly increased in the past several years, affecting millions of Americans, young and old. Find programs below on depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, and improving your overall mental and emotional well-being. Click the episode title or image to watch it.

Note: These programs are presented for the purpose of educating people about health issues only and should not be used in place of the advice of your qualified health care provider. Please call your physician for any health care-related questions.

“Depression and Its Causes”

Almost every American is affected by depression—whether a person suffers from depression or has a friend or family member who does. But what, exactly, causes depression? Join John Bradshaw and Dr. Neil Nedley to find out.

“Depression and Its Cure”

People of faith aren’t immune to depression. A committed Christian might battle depression as much as someone who doesn’t believe in God. So is there a way out? Join John Bradshaw and Dr. Neil Nedley for the conclusion.

“Boosting Your Brain”

It’s one of our most precious possessions, but likely isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Learn how to boost your brain function and open your mind to richer blessings from God.

“Pathway to Hope”

The saying goes, “Healthy body, healthy mind.” With God’s help, you can get much more out of life than you imagined. Get on the pathway to health with this presentation from John Bradshaw and Dr. Neil Nedley.

“Emotional Intelligence”

Instead of being controlled by our emotions, how can we benefit from them? Join John Bradshaw as he interviews Dr. Neil Nedley and discover how your emotions form a vital part of your relationship with God.

“Coping With Stress”

How did Jesus combat stress and are there healthy ways of coping with stress today? Discover the Great Physician’s divine prescription for stress that will help you successfully negotiate this stress-filled world in “Coping With Stress.”

“Stressed Out”

The Bible calls Jesus the “Prince of Peace,” and yet more people than ever are suffering from debilitating levels of stress. Join John Bradshaw and Dr. David DeRose and learn how to successfully negotiate this stress-filled world!

“The Physiology of Worship”

Research demonstrates that worship is good for you. How does worship benefit a person spiritually and emotionally? Join John Bradshaw and special guest Dr. James Marcum for “The Physiology of Worship.”

“Take Charge of Your Health: Depression and Mental Health”

Learn how you can improve your mental health and look forward to each new day with confidence.

“Take Charge of Your Health: Coping With Stress”

Stress can have serious consequences for physical and mental health. Find out what you can do to cope with stress and be free from its damaging effects.

“Take Charge of Your Health: Overcoming Addictions”

Addiction affects millions of people every day. Discover how you and those you love can find lasting recovery from addiction.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

The It Is Written episodes listed below provide an immersive experience into major historical events and their spiritual significance. Click the title or image to view each episode.

“Nunuku’s Law”

Years ago, a peaceful tribe on a remote island was invaded by warriors. Their actions in the face of death would not only be a bold stand for peace but would also speak of the sacrifice Jesus made to save a world lost in sin.

“I Shall Return”

Having left the Japanese-occupied Philippines, General Douglas MacArthur boldly declared, “I shall return.”  Two thousand years earlier, Jesus made the same promise to a world held captive in sin: “I will come again!” Join John Bradshaw on location on Corregidor Island in the Philippines.

“The March of Death”

Just hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, Japan invaded the Philippines. In the midst of destruction, tens of thousands of American and Filipino soldiers were forced to march on what became known as the Bataan Death March.

“Blood Rock”

The Bible talks about God wiping out whole cities. In fact, only eight people on Planet Earth survived the Flood. How do we reconcile that God commanded the eradication of entire people groups? Join John Bradshaw at Blood Rock in Australia as the answers are revealed from the Bible.

“The Holy City”

Join John Bradshaw as he visits vibrant Varanasi, Hinduism’s holiest city, on the banks of the Ganges River in India. Don’t miss “The Holy City,” as one of life’s most important questions is asked and answered.