Mission Alive in Alaska

Evangelism changes lives. As the Word of God is presented, hearts are touched by Jesus’ love and sacrifice. The power of God pierces through the darkness of this world to break the chains of sin and set people free. Such was the experience during our spring campaign in Alaska.

The Alaska Conference partnered with It Is Written to reach their territory with the gospel in the largest evangelistic initiative in Alaska’s history. Over the course of a year and a half, planning, training, and pre-work took place in multiple churches and communities. Pastors and local elders learned church growth principles that brought revitalization to their churches. More than 200 requests for Bible studies were received in Anchorage as people expressed interest in response to our It Is Written Mega Mailer. 

In March, a mission team from all over the continental United States provided free medical and dental clinics in Anchorage and Bethel Village. Bethel is the largest rural town in Alaska, and the help was much needed. Addiction, mental illness, and emotional health are some of the key issues community members face on a daily basis. No amount of snow or freezing cold could stop our team as they provided help to more than 400 people in clinics that included medical care, dentistry, physical therapy, mental health counseling, health education, and complete eye exams, which provided 300 pairs of prescription eyeglasses. 

Each day, the churches in Anchorage and Bethel were humming with the sound of people finding healing and hope. “I can’t believe all of you would come to Alaska, spending your own money, just to help us in this way. I’ve been treated like royalty here, and I want to know more about your church,” said Delores, a local Alaskan who came to the clinic. “It has really moved me and given me a different picture than what I have believed about God. Thank you!” Each attendee was given a pocketbook about the hope found in the Bible, a Bible study invitation card, an It Is Written TV card, and a flier for the evangelistic meetings. About 175 additional people requested Bible studies from the clinics! 

Our mission team prepared the way for Revelation Today: Hope for Humanity, an evangelistic series by Pastors John Bradshaw and Wes Peppers. The series was hosted live in Anchorage from April to May and streamed to more than 15 churches and small groups across the state. More than 1,000 guests attended across Alaska, most of which were at the main Anchorage site. 

“I have not heard such things in all my life. This is the truth. This is truly the hope of Jesus,” commented Olin. “I recently moved here from New England, but I didn’t really know why. Now I know. God brought me across the country to learn these truths!” Olin was a Sunday-believing pastor who learned the truth of the Sabbath for the first time. “I will share this with my congregation, and I know that many will accept it.” He was baptized into the church at the end of the series. 

Another story is about a 92-year-old Native American woman named Irene who had lived in Alaska all her life. She was raised with a mix of traditional Native spiritual beliefs and Catholic influence. She could never reconcile Jesus through it all until she attended Revelation Today: Hope for Humanity. “I have laid aside all spiritualistic beliefs and embraced Jesus and Him fully,” Irene said. “He is my life. I give my whole heart and life to Him.” For the first time in her life, Irene was baptized by immersion at 92 years old! Many more similar stories could be told. 

The impact of this series on Alaska was immediate. There were more baptisms from this series than the conference typically has in one year! This testifies to the hunger many are experiencing everywhere for a hope that is real and lasting. That hope is Jesus. Sixty precious souls have found that hope, and the impact of this initiative will add countless more for months and years to come. Alaska was an exciting endeavor that has impacted eternity, and It Is Written is grateful to be used by God on the front lines of mission and evangelism across the globe. Please join us on an upcoming mission trip and pray for us as we move forward in faith. Thank you!