Escrito Está Celebrates 30th Anniversary

On May 1, It Is Written staff celebrated the occasion. Here, Pastor Robert Costa and Carolina Bonilla, Escrito Está coordinator, express their gratitude to God and the staff for their support.

Escrito Está, the Spanish-language ministry of It Is Written, marks 30 years of ministry this year. Created to reach the Spanish-speaking world, Escrito Está filmed its first program on April 5, 1994, with Dr. Milton Peverini as host. Peverini, who for many years had been a leader in media evangelism, worked with It Is Written to produce Spanish programs and songs, which began airing on cable channels in 1995 in the United States. In the fall of 1996, Escrito Está debuted nationwide in Chile to a phenomenal response, and other countries quickly followed as the quality and message of this Spanish-language programming touched thousands of lives. Today, Escrito Está ministers around the world through not only television and the internet but also evangelism and humanitarian work.

Pastor Robert Costa prepares to cut the anniversary cake.

Robert Costa joined the fast-growing ministry in 2002 to coordinate evangelism campaigns, taking over from Peverini as speaker/director in 2006. “The 30th anniversary is a special occasion when we remember that God has led us so far,” Pastor Costa said. “Thirty years is a real miracle, but the greatest of miracles are those hearts that are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. For 30 years, God has used Escrito Está to be part of His mission around the world.”

Escrito Está is currently the most widely aired Spanish-language television program of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The ministry’s original focus was reaching the Latino population in North America, but that focus quickly expanded to the rest of the world. Today, Escrito Está has a prominent presence on national television stations in several Latin American countries. A major television network in a populous South American country airs no religious programming, except for Escrito Está. When Escrito Está was aired in one Central American country, the owner of the channel was so impressed with the programming that he expanded our broadcast to be nationwide and increased it from once a week to twice a week—at no extra charge. The resulting increase in Bible study interests meant the church had to employ additional staff to process the requests!

“Media has no limits, and the gospel has no barriers,” Pastor Costa said. “So far, we have viewers from 142 countries. As the Bible says, this gospel will be preached to all nations, all languages, all people. I’m so glad that Escrito Está and It Is Written are part of the fulfillment of this prophecy.”

In addition to its flagship program, Escrito Está produces two other ongoing programs and conducts about 15 evangelism campaigns worldwide every year, resulting in thousands of baptisms annually. Additionally, Pastor Costa participates in camp meetings, rallies, and evangelism training for pastors and lay members. Meetings are held in venues of all sizes, from small churches to stadiums, where the messages are live-streamed across the country. In some countries, Pastor Costa joins a caravan, where he preaches every night in a different city.

Over the years, God has reached people at every level of society through the ministry of Escrito Está: government leaders, pastors from other denominations, television personalities, people living in the Amazon jungle, and even those in hard-to-reach places like China and Muslim countries. An Orthodox priest has been listening to Escrito Está for nine years and is now in the process of being baptized! Pastor Costa and his team are faithful to present the truth, and the Holy Spirit moves hearts in response. 

Pastor Costa believes that it is the clear presentation of the full message of the Bible that appeals to so many people. “We are committed to presenting the whole message—not just motivational talks, but the whole prophetic, doctrinal, Christ-centered message,” he said. “We learned that when we are committed to doing that, God is more interested than anyone else that everyone will be saved, and He will open doors.”

The global ministry of Escrito Está is made possible by a dedicated team. “I have never served alongside a harder-working group of people as our Escrito Está team,” said John Bradshaw, It Is Written president. “Their whole-hearted commitment to giving people the opportunity to be ready for the return of Jesus inspires and encourages me.”

Throughout the years, Escrito Está has also participated in humanitarian projects to facilitate evangelism in remote locations. In 2008, a boat was donated to evangelize the Uros people living on the floating islands in Lake Titicaca in Peru. Bicycles and motorcycles were also given to pastors in Peru needing transportation to reach their church members and Bible study contacts. In 2021, water filters were presented to families in Guatemala, and solar-powered radios were donated to the Kekchi community, enabling them to listen to Christian programming in their native language.  

Escrito Está is an integral part of the ministry of It Is Written. “I honestly find it difficult to express the depth of my appreciation for Escrito Está,” said Pastor Bradshaw. “Our Spanish-language programs have a vast global audience. Escrito Está evangelism has brought thousands upon thousands of people to faith in Jesus and into the church. People from all walks of life have been won as the Holy Spirit has worked through Robert’s ministry with Escrito Está. His relentless commitment to sharing Christ with others continues to make a major impact. I thank God for what He has done—and continues to do—through Escrito Está.”

Every year, Escrito Está produces 72 half-hour programs (Escrito Está and Lecciones de Vida) and 365 daily devotionals (Toda Palabra). These programs are seen worldwide on television, YouTube, and other social media channels. As a result, an average of 1,100 new subscribers join the Escrito Está YouTube channel every month.

During his time with Escrito Está, Pastor Costa has participated in 510 evangelistic series throughout North America, Latin America, and Europe. In addition to filming television programs this year, Pastor Costa will conduct evangelism in Colombia, Spain, Bolivia, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and Argentina. In the United States, his agenda includes Maryland, Indiana, New Mexico, New York, California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. 

“As we look forward to Jesus’s soon return,” Pastor Costa said, “It’s great to be part of the final movement to tell the whole story to the whole world.”

Thank you for praying for the ministry of Escrito Está. To watch programs or learn more about Escrito Está, visit

In Cali, Colombia, Pastor Robert Costa connects with a woman who came forward for the appeal.