Halloween: Be Unafraid. Be Very Unafraid.

Across the street from where I’m staying in Boston, a skeleton is trying to climb through an open second-story window.

Two other skeletons are climbing onto the porch. A fetching auburn-colored wig seems to suggest one of the skeletons is a female. She and her friend appear to be trying to gain access to the house by taking a more direct route through the front door.

The porch of the house is festooned with enormous spider webs. Ghosts decorate the scene. At night, giant glowing eyes stare out of two windows. 

You get the idea. It’s Halloween.

Further up the street, a giant skull adorns the gate to another residence. A small imitation graveyard contains gravestones saying “Rest in Pieces,” “I’ll be Back,” and “Come, Join Me.” A few blocks away, a family has what the sign calls a “Zombie Party” going on in their front yard. Several skeletons appear to be climbing out of the ground.

A couple of blocks over is the most incredible front-yard Halloween display I’ve ever witnessed. The front yard is a veritable forest of Halloween paraphernalia, and the house is decorated like I’ve never seen. Voices call from somewhere in the midst of mayhem, invitations to join the deceased and to “be very afraid.”

But it’s all fun, isn’t it? Kids of all ages enjoy dressing up in costumes, and some Halloween costumes are fun and creative. Trick or treating is a long-established and much-loved American tradition.

Happy Halloween, right? Wrong. The “harmless fun” Halloween represents for many people is predicated upon a lie, and exists to perpetuate a lie. Fun isn’t really the point of Halloween. Halloween is a celebration of spiritualism, the belief that the spirits of the dead survive bodily death and communicate with or even taunt the living. Scary!

But the fact is that Halloween is all bark and no bite. Halloween revels in the idea that the dead come back to life, that the dead haunt houses, and that immediately beyond death is life in another realm. The truth is, that’s not the truth. There’s not a single reason to be afraid at Halloween.

Why? Because the last person who can trouble you, frighten you, or haunt your house is a dead person. The Bible is plain about this.

Writing in the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon stated, “For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing.” Far from being interested in climbing through your upstairs window, the dead are oblivious to anything at all.

No, the dead aren’t in heaven praising God. The Bible is unequivocal on that point. “The dead do not praise the Lord, nor any who go down into silence.” Paul taught that the dead sleep—see 1 Corinthians 15:51-55, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18—and he did so plainly. Those who teach that humans possess an immortal soul or a soul that survives bodily death, owe their belief system more to Plato than to the Bible.

The creation story teaches—again, plainly—that human beings were not given a soul but that Adam was created as “a living soul” (Genesis 2:7, KJV). Without a soul that survives bodily death, we are left to conclude that the dead—who don’t praise the Lord and who know “nothing”—are not prowling around neighborhoods, or graveyards, or attempting to climb through second-floor windows on Halloween. They’re asleep. Should a person be afraid of the dead, of ghosts, and ghouls? No. Not in the slightest.

Vampires? No, of course not. Zombies? No. Things that go bump in the night? That depends on what those “things” are. But you can be certain they’re not the spirits of the dead.

Jesus Himself let all the air out of the Halloween balloon when He spoke to His disciples about their friend Lazarus. Jesus said: “Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I go that I may wake him up.” The disciples were confused by this, “Then Jesus said to them plainly, ‘Lazarus is dead’” (John 11:11–14).

The Bible is consistent. The dead sleep until the resurrection day. Remember Jesus’ words: “I will raise him up at the last day” (John 6:44). Jesus made clear the righteous will be “repaid at the resurrection of the just” (Luke 14:14). If someone were to survive bodily death and go immediately to heaven, they would be “repaid” long before “the resurrection of the just.”

Halloween is a toothless tiger, and exists to perpetuate one of Satan’s biggest lies—the lie that the dead aren’t really dead. It’s an untruth that is setting people up for massive deception before the return of Jesus.

As Halloween comes and goes for another year, keep in mind what the Bible teaches about death. The key to life beyond this life is Jesus, “the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25). Without Jesus, nobody comes forth from the grave. With Jesus, “the dead in Christ shall rise” (1 Thessalonians 4:16). Our hope for life after this life is faith in Him.

And that’s nothing to be afraid of!


500: It Is Written is in Rome

You often hear people refer to “the good old days.”

It’s hard to know exactly when the good old days were. Maybe it was back when it seems people had more respect for institutions and clung more firmly to family values. Which equates to about the same time period as Jim Crow and the Cold War and cigarettes being considered healthy. The good old days.

You might think that 500 years ago was the good old days. There were no cars, no planes, no plastic, and no industrial pollution. But there were no computers, no internet, no United States, no x-rays, no antibiotics, no anesthetic… and no Bible available to the people. 

Imagine a world with no Bible! Consequently, there was no understanding of the plan of salvation, no hope, and no knowledge of the true God. But along came people like William Tyndale of England, driven by God to translate the Bible into English. Tyndale’s translation provided a lot of what we read today in the King James Version and other translations of the Bible. Translating the Bible caused Tyndale to be banished from his home country and executed for his work of bringing God’s word to the people. 

While Martin Luther is rightly remembered as a great reformer, what’s often forgotten is that Luther was a Bible translator, translating the Bible into German. Luther’s New Testament was published in 1522, four years before Tyndale’s English New Testament.

Psalm 119:130 says, “The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.”

This week, the Reformation takes center stage at It Is Written. 500, our nine-part series on the Reformation, has begun airing and tonight Solo Cinque starts in Rome, Italy, just one mile from the Vatican City.

Rome has long been one of the great cities of the world. It is featured in the prophecies of the Bible, and it was the church of Rome that was the object of reform during the Reformation. Now, in commemoration of the events 500 years ago, I’ll be presenting a series of six messages in the heart of the Eternal City.

Like many of the world’s major cities, Rome is in desperate need of a revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray that the meetings held over the next week or so—and our follow-up meetings next year—will introduce many people to the beauty of God’s word and the gift of salvation in Jesus.

While I’m presenting God’s word in Rome, It Is Written’s Associate Speaker Eric Flickinger is sharing the Bible in Stuttgart, a major city in Luther’s Germany. So far, God has done great things in these meetings.

“Our attendance has been growing,” Pastor Flickinger said. “Even though the church is active in Stuttgart, it’s a tough city to reach with the everlasting gospel. Germany is a very secular country. But people responding, and we’re encouraged by what God is doing.”

As Eric speaks in Germany, the Holy Spirit is impressing hearts. And not always in ways you might consider to be the most obvious.

“Early in my series, I made the statement that the Bible can be trusted. At home, we take statements like that for granted, but it’s different here. One man heard me say that and it had a major effect on him. He had never, ever considered that the Bible could be trusted. That simple thought has changed his life and he has continued to attend the series. We’re praying hard for him and many others like him.”

The lands where the Reformation occurred are now mired in spiritual darkness. But we know that the everlasting gospel will go to “every nation, kindred, tongue, and people” (Revelation 14:6).

Thank you for praying for these initiatives. Our 500 TV program series will be seen all over the world, taking viewers through the major themes of the Reformation. Our Every Word devotionals focus on this month on the Reformation. And our Reformation evangelistic meetings in Germany and Rome, Italy and going to present Christ and the power of His word.

We desperately need God’s blessing, so I’m asking sincerely that you would pray.

When we look back on opportunities like these, we’ll see that these are the good old days.

Watch the 500 series on It Is Written TV.

Watch the series in Rome at 8:00 p.m. local time: http://hopechannel.it/diretta-roma-lungotevere/

Topic schedule:

Wednesday, October 25
Sola Scriptura
Is the Bible the final authority?

Thursday, October 26
Solus Christus
What do you know about Jesus?

Friday, October 27
Sola Fide
Does it matter you believe?

Saturday, October 28
Sola Gratia
You are greatly loved

Sunday, October 29 OFF

Monday, October 30
Soli Deo Gloria
God in your life today

Tuesday, October 31
Non Solo (Never alone)
You can make a difference

It Is Written in Germany—Here I Stand!

In April 1521, Martin Luther stood before a crowd in Worms, Germany, when he courageously asserted his position regarding salvation by grace. He concluded his discourse with these unforgettable words: “Here I stand; I can do no other. God help me. Amen.”

About 500 years later and just barely two hours from that very location, another man—albeit not as well known—is also boldly proclaiming the same message before a crowd. The man is It Is Written Associate Speaker Eric Flickinger. The place is the city of Stuttgart, Germany, and the name of this series is, “Here I stand: Power, Faith, and Hope.”

On a nightly basis, Pastor Flickinger is opening God’s word and essentially repeating the message that shook the world 500 years ago and started the Protestant Reformation. Even though millions of Germans will be celebrating the 500-year anniversary of the nailing of the 95 Theses by Martin Luther on October 31, most people don’t know the story behind their folk hero. Through a very energetic translator, Christopher Kramp, Pastor Flickinger is sharing that story plus a lot more.

So far, a very consistent crowd has shown up to hear the messages, 25 percent of the attendees are people are hearing these Bible-based messages for the very first time. One white-haired gentleman sat right in front of Pastor Flickinger and soaked in every word coming out of his mouth.  At the end of the presentation, he was in tears because for the first time in life he started believing that there was such a thing as absolute truth. All his life he wandered and wondered about right and wrong. Now, no more.

One of the most exciting parts of this project is that most of the organizers and volunteers are young people in their twenties. This old message is one that thrills them and it’s one they want their friends and neighbors to hear. Just like Martin Luther turned his world upside down, or right side up, It Is Written is committed to doing the same in the 21st century. Keep Pastor Flickinger, the whole team of volunteers, and, of course, the guests in your prayers. Miracles are happening in Germany.

52 Baptisms in Bulgaria

For ten days, hundreds of residents of one the largest Roma (Gypsy) neighborhood in Bulgaria packed the streets to hear the word of God preached from an outdoor platform by It Is Written Associate Speaker Eric Flickinger. At the conclusion of the seminar, 52 people were baptized in a lake outside of the city of Kyustendil in southwest Bulgaria. Having found hope and salvation in Jesus Christ, they chose to wade into the water testifying they had surrendered their hearts and lives to the God of heaven. 

Along with the 52 who were baptized, hundreds of friends and family made the mile-long walk from the church to the baptismal site, eager to be a part of the celebration of a brand new life. Waiting for each baptismal candidate in the water were Pastor Biser of the local Roma church, Pastor Pastor Crowley of Maryland, and Pastor Flickinger. Three at a time, the baptismal candidates were plunged under the chilly waters of the lake, only to come up again with smiles beaming from their water-streaked faces. Those baptized were between ages 20 and 74 and included a Pentecostal pastor.

Their example made a powerful impression on others who had attended Pastor Flickinger’s nightly meetings. In addition to those baptized, 450 people are now studying the Bible in preparation for their own baptism!

Please keep the work in Bulgaria in your prayers as evangelistic series and Bible studies continue across the country. More baptisms are scheduled for this coming weekend.

“It was a privilege to share the gospel in such an amazing place, and work alongside so many people who are truly committed to God,” Pastor Flickinger said.  “My translator was a full-time medical student. Between travel and time at the meetings, she was giving five hours every day to this outreach effort—while carrying a full load of medical school classes. And there were so many others who gave themselves to sharing Christ. It was inspiring, and God blessed their ministry in an amazing way.”

Under the Sun—One man’s remarkable commitment to the Bible

A number of common phrases in the English language came into use because of the Bible. “Under the sun,” “signs of the times,” “my brother’s keeper,” “the land of the living,” “the apple of his eye,” and “go the extra mile,” were all first written in Scripture.

The William Tyndale Church in Gloucestershire, England.

Not only are they all from the Bible, but they’re all from William Tyndale’s translation of the Bible. In 1536, Tyndale was executed in Belgium by the Catholic Church. He had fled England in order to translate the Bible, having been denied permission to translate the Bible into English. A law passed in 1408 made it a capital offense to translate anything from the Bible into English. One documentarian compared Tyndale to William Shakespeare, calling him a genius, such was Tyndale’s gift for languages and his astonishing ability as a translator. 

Eighty-three percent of the New Testament and more than 75 percent of the Old Testament in the King James Version of the Bible was taken straight from Tyndale’s work. Tyndale was committed to getting the Bible into the hands of the people, and once said to an opponent, “I will cause the boy that driveth the plow to know more of the Scriptures than thou dost!” His commitment to translating the Bible meant he had to flee England, and he never returned. I’ve visited the spot just outside Brussels, Belgium where Tyndale was executed. It’s easy to forget today that in days past men and women were hunted, exiled, executed for possessing the Scriptures, and it’s easy to take for granted the blessing we have in possessing the Bible. 

Psalm 1:1, 2 says, “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law, he meditates day and night.”  Notice that wording. The Bible talks about people who aren’t merely interested in God’s word, who don’t simply acknowledge God’s word, but “delight” in God’s word. So how is it with you? Is God’s word a “delight” to you? You don’t want to take God’s word for granted. If you allow it to do so, it will change your life.

*Bible translator William Tyndale is featured in part three of It Is Written’s upcoming nine-part series on the Reformation, “500,” which debuts in October on television and online.

The Reformation Revived Through Evangelism

It Is Written Celebrates 500 Years of Reformation in Europe

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther walked to the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, and defiantly nailed a copy of his 95 Theses to the church door. The 95 Theses, or the list of 95 questions and topics Luther was proposing for debate, would later become the foundation of the Protestant Reformation.

This October will be 500 years since that iconic day. The Protestant Reformation was a religious and political revolution that would forever alter religion, art, music, and politics. It would also claim many Reformers’ lives as they dared to stand for the Bible. Today, we can thank God that Martin Luther followed His leading and brought Bible truth to light.

It Is Written will share God’s light throughout Europe this year in honor of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.  Two parallel series will take place: one in Luther’s Germany with It Is Written Associate Speaker Eric Flickinger; and the other in Rome, Italy, presented by It Is Written Speaker/Director Pastor John Bradshaw.

Sharing the Gospel in Rome

In Rome, from October 25 to 31, Pastor Bradshaw will be preaching an evangelistic series titled Solo Cinque (The Five Solas). Solo Cinque will focus on the five biblical principles that were foundational to the Protestant Reformation. These are five Latin phrases that emerged during the Reformation to summarize the Reformers’ theological convictions about the essentials of Christianity. Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone); Sola Fide (faith alone); Sola Gratia (grace alone); Solus Christus (Christ alone); and Soli Deo Gloria (to the glory of God alone).

“It’s really a special privilege to be able to share the message of the Bible in Rome. So much has happened in Rome that has impacted Christianity and the world. I’m praying God will do something in these meetings that will do the same,” Pastor Bradshaw said.

Mariarosa Cavalieri, It Is Written’s evangelism coordinator in Rome, has trained and organized over 100 members from five churches across Rome. These church members have not only participated in outreach but will assist with the Solo Cinque series, which will climax on October 31, 500 years to the day that Martin Luther nailed his history-changing theses. The short October series will then pave the way for a longer series which will follow in May 2018.

There has been powerful evidence of God at work in Rome. In the meantime, the devil is working to hinder the progress being made. A week ago, the largest participating church was damaged by fire, believed to be the result of arson. Although the building suffered considerable smoke damage, church members are undeterred in their service for the Lord.

“It Is Written is excited to be responding to God’s call and share the gospel with the people of Rome this year,” It Is Written Evangelism Director Yves Monnier said. “Imagine, going to the place where thousands of Christians died as martyrs during Nero’s persecution and where centuries later Martin Luther’s eyes were opened regarding the false teachings of the church as he climbed Pilate’s staircase. We pray that we will exhibit the faithfulness of the early Christians and the courage of Luther as we boldly proclaim the love of Jesus in a city that over time has become very spiritually dark.”

Evangelism in Germany

In Stuttgart, Germany, Associate Speaker Eric Flickinger will present an evangelistic series titled Hier Stehe Ich: Was Luther Heute Sagen Würde (Here I Stand: What Luther Would Say Today). The series will run for three weekends from October 13 to 29. Pastor Flickinger will look at the origins of the Reformation and the similarities between Luther’s time and our world today.

This series is the culmination of months of work, prayer, and diligent preparation. Under the faithful leadership of Hartmut Winschaft, It Is Written’s evangelism coordinator in Stuttgart, there has been a flurry of evangelism activity on the eastern side of the city. A broad advertising campaign will invite the entire city to Liederhalle, a modern convention center in the heart of the city, to hear God’s word resonate as it did 500 years ago.

“Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther kindled the fires of a reformation that has impacted nearly every area of life in the Western World,” Eric Flickinger said. “In October we have the privilege of carrying his torch forward in Germany, the very birthplace of the Reformation.”

Please pray for these historic series and the people of Germany and Italy.

Your support for this evangelism outreach is needed and would be greatly appreciated. To donate, visit itiswritten.com/give

SALT Update—Called

God works in remarkable ways.  When we take the time to listen to His voice, He lets us work alongside Him.

Nathan is a student at SALT, It Is Written’s evangelism training school. A few night’s ago he had an experience worth sharing:

“Before going to bed I went for a short walk. Suddenly, out of the shadows of the street lights, a young man emerged. We began talking, and it turned out Danny was trying to contact his mother. I offered him the use of my phone, but even though he called several times his mother never answered.

I was about to say goodbye when I felt impressed to offer him a ride home. I argued with my conscience. “I couldn’t do that!” I told myself, but the voice persisted.

“I have a car,” I told him. “Why don’t I take you home.” He couldn’t believe it. “Wow,” he answered. “I’d appreciate that a lot!”

When I got back to my room and reached out to grab my car keys, I noticed the red and white box of It Is Written Bible Studies on my shelf. It was then the thought hit me. “Nathan, this could be your first Bible study!”

I grabbed the first study about the character and trustworthiness of God, and ran to my car. Danny and I got in and drove off.

Not quite certain how to broach the subject of Bible studies, I simply came right out and said, “Danny, have you ever been interested in studying the Bible?”

His reply surprised me. “I’m actually working on reading my Bible through, but I got sort of bogged down in the Old Testament.”

I told him about SALT, and that I was looking for people to study the Bible with. I asked him if he’d like to study with me, and he said yes! I was overjoyed!

When we pulled into Danny’s driveway, his mother was waiting and I struck up a conversation with her. “I’ve been hoping Danny would find some good friends,” she told me. “Would you mind taking him to church with you?”

Surprised, I turned to Danny. “Would you like to go to church? I’d be willing to take you.” He said he’d love to.

If you think a roller coaster gets you excited, try witnessing. It will redefine your idea of joy and excitement. The English language can’t describe the happiness and joy I felt as I reflected on this crazy, amazing, and unforeseen interaction, and I’m feeling that joy again as I type these words now. 

No qualifications are needed for service to God, just a willing heart. As has often been said, ”God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.”

And we’ve all been called.

To learn more about SALT, visit saltevangelism.com

SALT Update—Another Miracle

At our Gatlinburg, Tennessee Partnership event in early September, we were blessed to have our SALT class share testimonies about how God has been blessing this year’s fall program.

SALT gives students the opportunity to learn how to share their faith with others. SALT teaches students to be effective soul-winners while expanding their understanding of the Bible and providing them with a deep experience with God. SALT has proven to be transformational, not only for young people but for people of all ages.

Kyle and Daniel shared a powerful story showing that when people make themselves available for God to use, He brings them in contact with people who are looking for Jesus.

Andy was raised in a Christian church but had drifted far away from God. Several rough experiences because of his life of selling drugs led him to begin thinking about his future.

“I decided to end my life, but the revolver jammed when I pulled the trigger,” Andy told Kyle and Daniel. “Another time I was shot in the back, but I had a Bible in my backpack and the Bible stopped the bullet from hitting me.” When the students met Andy, his arm was in a cast. “A car hit me while I was riding my motorbike,” he told them. “It’s a miracle I wasn’t killed.”

Another miracle might be more accurate. After getting to know Andy a little, Daniel and Kyle asked if he’d be interested in studying the Bible together. They’ve begun meeting regularly to open up God’s word.

Only God knows where this will lead. But for now, Daniel and Kyle—and the rest of the SALT students—are praying God will touch Andy’s heart and draw him back to Him.

Daniel and Kyle sharing their experience.

Pastor Douglas Na’a, SALT program director.

Mission to Bulgaria

Starting this weekend, It Is Written Associate Speaker Eric Flickinger will be leading a major outreach effort in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria, a socialist country for almost 50 years in the twentieth century, is bordered by Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, and Romania, while to the east it is bordered by the Black Sea. It is known for its winemaking, roses, and world-renowned yogurt.  More than three-quarters of Bulgarians describe themselves as Eastern Orthodox, with another 10 percent being Sunni Muslim. While Protestants are a minority in Bulgaria, the gospel has been moving with power since the fall of communism.

Pastor Flickinger will be partnering with a group of 12 pastors and administrators from Maryland as part of the Total Member Involvement initiative, designed to encourage all church members to use their God-given talents for the glory of God. “The purpose of TMI is—as the name suggests—to get every church member engaged in sharing his or her faith,” Pastor Flickinger said. “A concerted outreach program has been in place for many months, and along with an outstanding team I’ll be preaching the message of Christ and calling people to make a decision for the Lord.”

Evangelists will be speaking throughout western Bulgaria, while Pastor Flickinger will be holding meetings in Kyustendil, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. Kyustendil is largely populated by Romani (Gypsies). “I’ll be working with a group of 12 pastors, providing training and evangelism mentorship during the day. Then, in the evening, we will each be preaching meetings in different cities across western Bulgaria. This is another way It Is Written invests in the work of the gospel around the world. On the one hand, we proclaim the message, while at the same time providing training for gospel ministers in the area of evangelistic outreach.”    

Bulgaria is a historic country, and this work of gospel ministry will make a historic contribution to the forward momentum of the gospel.

Pastor Flickinger has conducted outreach events in numerous countries and is encouraged with how church members and leaders in Bulgaria have prepared for this initiative. “Please keep this important outreach effort in your prayers as our team seeks to bring the gospel to the wonderful people of Bulgaria.”

Mission: Mongolia — Miracles

When It Is Written brought a medical missionary team to Mongolia in 2016, a woman came to one of our clinics. At that clinic, she interacted with Christians for the first time in her life. She was so encouraged by the missionary team and what she learned about the Bible, that she began attending church. Before long, she and others in her family had given their hearts to Jesus and were baptized.

However, for the past 12 years, her son’s tongue has been attached to the bottom of his mouth. This means he cannot speak and has difficulty with the sorts of things most people take for granted. Yesterday, an oral surgeon on our team corrected the issue, ending more than a decade of difficulty. No longer tongue-tied, he will now undergo speech therapy on his way to a full recovery. He and his family are overwhelmed by the goodness of God.

Every day our Mission: Mongolia team sees God doing great things. Very often, in the simplest of ways.

One of our team members decided only at the last minute to bring a pair of compression stockings to Mongolia. They were too small for her to wear, but she brought them along anyway. Why? She had no idea.

God knew. A lady came to one of our clinics with a leg problem that couldn’t be treated by surgery, but it could be helped by… pressure! The husband of the woman who brought the compression stockings had made a last-minute switch and was at the site the woman was visiting. He knew his wife had just what the lady needed.

But how to get them to her? Perhaps they could meet at the evangelistic meeting that night? They met, she received the compassion stockings, stayed for the meeting, and committed to attend every one of the meetings.  “I’ve never heard anything like this,” she said. “I want to learn more about God!”

God continues to pour out His Holy Spirit on our nightly meetings. It’s a challenge to present the gospel when many of the people in the congregation have absolutely no background in the Bible. Noah’s ark? Many people coming to the meetings have never heard of it. The same is true for Adam and Eve, the story of Abraham, and Bible stories such as Daniel in the lions’ den.

Yet that hasn’t stopped people from being enthusiastic. My translator (who is doing a magnificent job), remarked about the way the audience applauded at times during each presentation, and after my final remarks every night. “People never applaud here,” he said. “Not for Bible meetings. This is unprecedented. They are definitely enjoying what they are hearing.”

One physician told me as we were leaving the evangelistic meeting that many of her patients are attending the nightly gospel meetings—which is why we are here in Mongolia. We are here to encourage people to know more about God and surrender their lives to him.

A Mongolian pastor told me, “In many of our communities it is difficult to get people to visit the church. This It Is Written health emphasis has been enormously successful in helping us engage with our community.”

We now have only one day left of our Mission: Mongolia health clinics, and then another day of preaching and baptizing. Our time has flown by. Soon we will be leaving Mongolia, with its fascinating language and gracious people.  Please join us in praying that as we depart this country the Spirit of God will continue to do a miraculous work.