It Is Written Wins 10 Telly Awards

It Is Written is grateful to announce that it has won 10 Telly awards this year for five different programs: one gold, seven silver, and two bronze. Four awards, including the gold, were given to “The Trail of Tears,” the first It Is Written program examining the forced relocation of Native Americans. Additionally, Every Word, the It Is Written one-minute daily devotional, was recognized for the first time. 

The Telly Awards honor video and television excellence across all screens. Last year, It Is Written won five Telly Awards.

“The reason we produce programs is not so we can win awards,” said John Bradshaw, It Is Written president. “Our programs are designed to reach souls with the everlasting gospel and encourage people to know and follow Jesus in preparation for His return. But these awards indicate that It Is Written is producing high-quality content, and they are a reflection of the outstanding work being done by our Media Production department. In addition, this recognition tells our ministry supporters that they are partnering with a ministry operating at an extremely high level.”

“The Trail of Tears” may be viewed at It won for the following categories:

  • Gold–Television: Religious/Spiritual
  • Silver–Television: Editing
  • Silver–Television: History
  • Bronze–Television: Writing

“Jesus and Racism” may be watched at It looks at racism through the lens of an unlikely New Testament story, showing how God feels about racism and demonstrating that love and unity can be accomplished when the Holy Spirit is allowed to change hearts. 

“Jesus and Racism” won in the following categories:

  • Silver–Television: Editing
  • Silver–Television: Religious/Spiritual
  • Bronze–Television: Writing

Hope Awakens, the nationwide online evangelistic series held by It Is Written at the start of the pandemic, won a Silver award for Online: Talk Show/Interview. Hope Awakens may be viewed at

The Every Word program “The Blessed Hope” won a Silver award for Television: Religious/Spiritual. It may be watched at

“Worse Than the First,” also an Every Word program, won a Silver award for Television: Religious/Spiritual. It may be viewed at

About It Is Written

It Is Written is a media evangelism ministry and has been sharing the everlasting gospel worldwide for 65 years. The first religious television program to broadcast in color, It Is Written is also the tenth-longest running television program in the United States. It Is Written is impacting lives for Christ through satellite and digital television, websites and mobile apps, global evangelistic ministry, and faith-sharing resources. 

21 comments on “It Is Written Wins 10 Telly Awards

  1. Sarah on

    God is good.I’m pleased that God is showing the World that he is in charge.All the programs on it is written are very powerful and informative.May the Lord keep blessing each and every person who is ministering.Congratulations.

  2. Susan Cooper on

    Congratulations Mr. Bradshaw on your accomplishments. You’re truly remarkable and I always look forward to reading your daily words in the mornings when I arrive at worrk in the parking garage. Those words energizes me before I start my day. Keep up the amazing word and may the Lord continues to bless and shine on you and your family. Be blessed

    • Cassie Hernandez on

      Thanks so much, Susan. This is a reflection of the blessing of God on our team. My role is very minor, given the bigger picture. I have people around me who work hard and well. I’m very happy to hear you’re blessed by the ministry of It Is Written. Please do pray for us, and me. God be with you. John Bradshaw

  3. Lucy Swales on

    Congratulations!!! But it’s no surprise to me, because my husband and I are one of so many IIW viewers who were so impacted by your programs! Watching Pastor Bradshaw’s sermons has moved my husband. So much so that he wants to be baptized when the province is open again and we are able to go to church. God bless

  4. Sue on

    “The Trail of Tears” & “Black Wall Street” are my two favorites. I have several others I love as well but these two really tugged on my heart & I watch them often.

    Thank you all for your excellent work in promoting the gospel.

  5. Dr. Gordon Guild on

    Praise God for the IIW aired programs. The rewards are a reflection of Gods workings and God loves to honor us..Congradulations to Christ centered workers that God has blessed with extraordinary talents

  6. Deborah Gamble on

    My family began watching It Is Written about 60 years ago. The quality programming has grown over the years. Congratulations on your awards! The world is watching, more than you know. We need more programs like yours. May God continue to bless It Is Written!

  7. Noeline Cuitts on

    Your words are a welcome change from all the News sources in the World.
    It is wonderful to know that we serve a Very Present God who is interested in everything we do.
    Keep up the good work of inspiring us to be better people!


    ITW, you really deserve the awards for the above listed programs, as well as, other programs aired. I have seen all of them. When I watched them the time, content, message and all that it took to bring them to the viewers, impressed me. KEEP UP THE GOD WORK!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!

  9. Crystal McKinley on

    Praise God for IIW. I especially appreciate how history is applicable to us today. Pastor Bradshaw always relates the past, present and future events to what is written in the Bible. God’s loving hand is in all of history, reminding believes what may go horribly wrong when we, as people, don’t follow His Word.

    Thank you Pastor Bradshaw and all of the It Is Written staff. The Lord has blessed IIW with these accolades to encourage you to continue in His good work, for His glory.

    Thank you,

    Crystal McKinley

  10. Brenda L Angall on

    Praise and Thanks to God for such an accomplishment. God is involve in our lives as well as the It is Written programs. He has carefully mapped out every inch of the programs to aired. Stay conscious of Him remembering that He will continue to bless the program. Let the Holy Spirit guide you step by step equipping you to get through whatever must be endured. Let the light of His presence shine of you Pastor Bradshaw and your ministry giving you Peace and Joy that circumstances cannot touch. Congratulations!

  11. John Jordan on

    It has only been recently that we have been watching Pastor Bradshaw and his “around the world travels”. What a neat way to show and tell the gospel and review our Christian history because most of us will never be able to do that ourselves. We watch every Sunday 12:30 to 1 PM via TBN while we have lunch.

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