The Reformation Revived Through Evangelism

It Is Written Celebrates 500 Years of Reformation in Europe

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther walked to the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, and defiantly nailed a copy of his 95 Theses to the church door. The 95 Theses, or the list of 95 questions and topics Luther was proposing for debate, would later become the foundation of the Protestant Reformation.

This October will be 500 years since that iconic day. The Protestant Reformation was a religious and political revolution that would forever alter religion, art, music, and politics. It would also claim many Reformers’ lives as they dared to stand for the Bible. Today, we can thank God that Martin Luther followed His leading and brought Bible truth to light.

It Is Written will share God’s light throughout Europe this year in honor of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.  Two parallel series will take place: one in Luther’s Germany with It Is Written Associate Speaker Eric Flickinger; and the other in Rome, Italy, presented by It Is Written Speaker/Director Pastor John Bradshaw.

Sharing the Gospel in Rome

In Rome, from October 25 to 31, Pastor Bradshaw will be preaching an evangelistic series titled Solo Cinque (The Five Solas). Solo Cinque will focus on the five biblical principles that were foundational to the Protestant Reformation. These are five Latin phrases that emerged during the Reformation to summarize the Reformers’ theological convictions about the essentials of Christianity. Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone); Sola Fide (faith alone); Sola Gratia (grace alone); Solus Christus (Christ alone); and Soli Deo Gloria (to the glory of God alone).

“It’s really a special privilege to be able to share the message of the Bible in Rome. So much has happened in Rome that has impacted Christianity and the world. I’m praying God will do something in these meetings that will do the same,” Pastor Bradshaw said.

Mariarosa Cavalieri, It Is Written’s evangelism coordinator in Rome, has trained and organized over 100 members from five churches across Rome. These church members have not only participated in outreach but will assist with the Solo Cinque series, which will climax on October 31, 500 years to the day that Martin Luther nailed his history-changing theses. The short October series will then pave the way for a longer series which will follow in May 2018.

There has been powerful evidence of God at work in Rome. In the meantime, the devil is working to hinder the progress being made. A week ago, the largest participating church was damaged by fire, believed to be the result of arson. Although the building suffered considerable smoke damage, church members are undeterred in their service for the Lord.

“It Is Written is excited to be responding to God’s call and share the gospel with the people of Rome this year,” It Is Written Evangelism Director Yves Monnier said. “Imagine, going to the place where thousands of Christians died as martyrs during Nero’s persecution and where centuries later Martin Luther’s eyes were opened regarding the false teachings of the church as he climbed Pilate’s staircase. We pray that we will exhibit the faithfulness of the early Christians and the courage of Luther as we boldly proclaim the love of Jesus in a city that over time has become very spiritually dark.”

Evangelism in Germany

In Stuttgart, Germany, Associate Speaker Eric Flickinger will present an evangelistic series titled Hier Stehe Ich: Was Luther Heute Sagen Würde (Here I Stand: What Luther Would Say Today). The series will run for three weekends from October 13 to 29. Pastor Flickinger will look at the origins of the Reformation and the similarities between Luther’s time and our world today.

This series is the culmination of months of work, prayer, and diligent preparation. Under the faithful leadership of Hartmut Winschaft, It Is Written’s evangelism coordinator in Stuttgart, there has been a flurry of evangelism activity on the eastern side of the city. A broad advertising campaign will invite the entire city to Liederhalle, a modern convention center in the heart of the city, to hear God’s word resonate as it did 500 years ago.

“Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther kindled the fires of a reformation that has impacted nearly every area of life in the Western World,” Eric Flickinger said. “In October we have the privilege of carrying his torch forward in Germany, the very birthplace of the Reformation.”

Please pray for these historic series and the people of Germany and Italy.

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