SALT Update—Called

God works in remarkable ways.  When we take the time to listen to His voice, He lets us work alongside Him.

Nathan is a student at SALT, It Is Written’s evangelism training school. A few night’s ago he had an experience worth sharing:

“Before going to bed I went for a short walk. Suddenly, out of the shadows of the street lights, a young man emerged. We began talking, and it turned out Danny was trying to contact his mother. I offered him the use of my phone, but even though he called several times his mother never answered.

I was about to say goodbye when I felt impressed to offer him a ride home. I argued with my conscience. “I couldn’t do that!” I told myself, but the voice persisted.

“I have a car,” I told him. “Why don’t I take you home.” He couldn’t believe it. “Wow,” he answered. “I’d appreciate that a lot!”

When I got back to my room and reached out to grab my car keys, I noticed the red and white box of It Is Written Bible Studies on my shelf. It was then the thought hit me. “Nathan, this could be your first Bible study!”

I grabbed the first study about the character and trustworthiness of God, and ran to my car. Danny and I got in and drove off.

Not quite certain how to broach the subject of Bible studies, I simply came right out and said, “Danny, have you ever been interested in studying the Bible?”

His reply surprised me. “I’m actually working on reading my Bible through, but I got sort of bogged down in the Old Testament.”

I told him about SALT, and that I was looking for people to study the Bible with. I asked him if he’d like to study with me, and he said yes! I was overjoyed!

When we pulled into Danny’s driveway, his mother was waiting and I struck up a conversation with her. “I’ve been hoping Danny would find some good friends,” she told me. “Would you mind taking him to church with you?”

Surprised, I turned to Danny. “Would you like to go to church? I’d be willing to take you.” He said he’d love to.

If you think a roller coaster gets you excited, try witnessing. It will redefine your idea of joy and excitement. The English language can’t describe the happiness and joy I felt as I reflected on this crazy, amazing, and unforeseen interaction, and I’m feeling that joy again as I type these words now. 

No qualifications are needed for service to God, just a willing heart. As has often been said, ”God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.”

And we’ve all been called.

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