Greetings from Mongolia!


Today is the third day of our two It Is Written medical clinics in the city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia!

So far, the 20 It Is Written volunteers have seen over 500 patients. The hours are long and draining but no one is complaining. The honor to serve another human being is so rewarding. Our eight doctors have come across all sorts of cases ranging from simple colds to serious heart ailments.

Of all the consultations, the one family that stands out is the one that barely survived a devastating fire in their Ger (traditional Mongolian abode). The mother suffered serious smoke inhalation and the father and two daughters were severely burnt over most of their bodies. Heartbreaking. Our team gave them special cream for burns that is not available in Mongolia. You should have seen the mother’s smiles of thanks.

When the clinic closes in the evening, the It Is Written volunteers do not rush back to the hotel but instead spend another couple of hours leading out in evening meetings. These evening meetings include a children’s story, a health presentation, and a “Jesus Talk” where we introduce people to Christ. The attendance at both churches, where the clinics are being held, has been overwhelming—standing room only! Truly amazing. So many of the people present are the very same ones who came during the day to visit the doctors. This is the health message in action.

One of my favorite things about our It Is Written mission trip is giving Beanie Babies to the children—they absolutely love them. It’s something so simple yet so meaningful. I’m so grateful to the many It Is Written friends who have donated thousands of Beanie Babies for us to share with children around the world.

The final day of our journey will be this coming Saturday when we hope to have a great climactic end to a wonderful experience. Please keep us in your prayers.

– It Is Written Director of Evangelism Yves Monnier


Children receiving their Beanie Babies after they visit the doctors.

378A0001 - Little Girl With Eye Problems

Because many do not have access to basic health care, Mongolians suffer from medical issues many of us have never heard of.

378A0237- Bob Durkus gives lady Glasses

Dr. Durkus gives a lady glasses for the first time.

378A0010 - Dr. Guild consults with Patient

Dr. Guild consults with a patient.

Child Beannie Baby 378A9570

The children love to receive their special Beanie Babies.

Dr. Puen Consulting 378A9509

Dr. Puen consulting an x-ray.

Dr. Dally sees boy complaing of ear aches. (Diagnosis too much ear wax buildup) 378A9777

Dr. Dally sees boy complaining of ear aches.

Post Consult Prayer (first time) 378A9845

After her medical consultation, this lady prayed for her first time.

Non Adventist Singing Songs from Hymnal for first time 378A9519

At the nightly “Jesus Talks” this lady sang songs from a hymnal for the first time in her life.

Dr. Puen Evening Health Talk 378A9628

Dr. Puen giving an evening health talk.