Day 5 In Mongolia!

Today is our fifth day in Ulaabaatar, Mongolia.

We are now on the homestretch of our one-week mission trip for Mission:Mongolia at the Yarmag (Quickly) and Amgalan (Peace) community centers which also serve as churches. I’m glad to report that everything is going very well. Our two medical teams are still flooded with patients and our meetings in the evening are still standing-room only.

The combination of clinics during the day and evangelistic meetings in the evening is working so well. At the Yarmag Church over 150 people are attending in a church that holds 100 comfortably. And, at the Amgalan Church we are 40 people over capacity. And guess what?! No one is complaining about being squeezed in like sardines. People are too happy to hear wonderful uplifting messages to be worried about how tight things are.

I’m very thankful to all the presenters who are doing such an awesome job with the nightly health presentations and Jesus Talks. The health presenters have taken time to contextualize the presentations so that the messages are very relevant to the people. Our two pastors, Silvano Barbosa and Eric Flickinger, It Is Written’s associate speaker, are preaching powerful messages designed to introduce people to Jesus. From my little corner in the back I can tell that people are connecting to what they’re hearing.

A question people often ask about mission trips is whether they really make a difference. I asked that question to the pastor of the Amazing Grace church where we conducted a similar program last October. He said this: “Before the It Is Written team came we had a weekly attendance of about 20. Now we average 30 and regularly peak over 50.” Amazing! God is working in a mighty way in Mongolia.

Keep praying for us and keep praying for our fellow Christians in Mongolia. By the way, we have another It Is Written mission trip scheduled for August 10 to 21, 2016. If you’re interested in being part of this exciting experience, please contact me at [email protected].

378A0016 - Dr. Vila Consults with Patient

Dr. Vila Consults with a patient.

378A0070 Patient siting in pharmacy

Patient siting in pharmacy.

378A0024 - Prayer with Patients

Each patient is prayed with during their visit to the clinic.

Optician Bob Durkos Praying with Patient 378A9816

Dr. Durkus Praying with patients.

The Waiting Room Day 1

The waiting room in the clinic.