We’re Not Going To Stop

Over a span of 24 hours It Is Written’s Revelation Today team experienced the highs and lows of evangelism in Edmonton, Canada. On Saturday night, a crowd of people came forward in response to Pastor John Bradshaw’s passionate appeal to follow Jesus. As the meeting concluded, the excitement among the pastors and Bible workers was tangible. However, less than twelve hours later that joy was replaced by indescribable grief.

The next morning, still basking in the thrill of what had happened the previous evening, the team was greeted by the shocking news that the 26-year-old son of one of the Edmonton pastors working with us on the Revelation Today series had been killed overnight in a car accident. What a somber moment it was as the whole Revelation Today team gathered at the pastor’s house to comfort the heartbroken parents. Just like that, everyone involved was poignantly reminded that the enemy of God is not going to go away without a fight.

Crises and problems are always expected when God’s people are loudly and boldly proclaiming the everlasting gospel as they’ve been doing in Edmonton. But this? One of the pastors succinctly described it: “The Devil has just made this personal, very personal, but we’re not going to stop.”

And so on Sunday night everyone gathered at the hall again and Pastor John powerfully preached on the topic of baptism. At the end of the presentation there was a moving baptismal service. It was like a ray of sunshine piercing through dark clouds to remind everyone that God is still God, and that victory is His now and forevermore, in spite of the Devil’s horrible attempts to make people believe otherwise.

Hearts are heavy in Edmonton but the people in the community are not deterred from doing what God has called them to do. Baptisms are scheduled every night of the series until our final presentation on Saturday, May 9. Please keep Pastor John and your fellow brothers and sisters in Edmonton in your daily prayers as they bravely forge ahead.
Edmonton Baptism April 26 (1)